Dinner Parties

Dinner parties really are a great way to catch up with friends when life seems super busy. My group of friends are big fans of hosting dinner parties on a regular basis which is generally every month if not fortnightly depending on everyone’s work commitments.

Our dinner parties are based around homemade cooking and we often pick a theme and roll with it. Each couple brings a plate of food to help contribute to the evening, whether this be some nibbles to start with, a meat dish, a salad/vegetable dish or dessert. We aim to spend no more than $20 each on our plates of food for the evening.

We like to pick themes to keep the parties interesting and to give us something to look forward too. We also like to experiment with cooking things that we wouldn’t ordinarily cook. We do aim to keep the food relatively healthy and generally make it gluten and dairy free.

Some of the themes we have done include:

  • Thai – Curries
  • Chinese – Wontons and Dumplings
  • Mexican – Burrito’s
  • Argentinian – Parrilla
  • Vietnamese – Rice Paper Rolls

We do just often cook roasts, pulled pork/beef to put on burgers or wraps, fish and chips, rissoles, kebabs or even just do a quick BBQ.

This is often a great way to wind down after a crazy week and a good excuse to catch up with everyone 🙂 A few drinks also don’t go astray 🙂


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