Protein Powders – Used in Foodline

I have been asked why I choose to use rice and pea protein powders in my smoothie and pancakes mixes, therefore I thought I would share with you the reasons behind it J

Smoothies (Choc Peanut, Sweet Vanilla and Strawberry) – Rice Protein

The protein powder used in these smoothies is a ‘Sprouted and Bio-Fermented Raw Certified Organic Brown Rice Protein’. This particular brand of protein powder I use has a 96% correlation with the amino acid profiles of whey proteins but without as much acidic load meaning it is less inflammatory and doesn’t create as much work for your kidneys. This raw vegan protein is 80% protein and has a perfectly balanced amino acid profile. Being raw means that the digestible protein content is still intact and has not be altered or destroyed in any way.

Often protein powders are sweetened with a variety of artificial sweeteners. This protein powder uses certified organic stevia as opposed to non-organic stevia which research has shown to use chemicals in its processing. High quality cocoa and vanilla is used to flavour the proteins as well, to reduce the likelihood of any allergic reactions or digestive problems.

I personally choose a rice protein in the smoothies as I find the flavour and consistency to be nicer than some of the other types of protein powders I have used.

Pancakes (Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Lucuma) – Pea Protein

The protein powder that I choose to use in the pancakes in a Raw Non-GMO Pea Protein. It uses yellow split peas and contains all essential amino acids. With its high-alkalinity and bioavailability this protein powder is highly digestible. It is also a raw protein which makes this protein hypoallergenic and it is also rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which are required for protein synthesis and can support muscle recovery after exercise.

I personally find that a good quality pea protein works better in pancakes and allows for a good pancake consistency that holds together well without breaking.

What Else?

Both protein powders are gluten and dairy free but also completely vegan.

No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, artificial flavours, colour or preservatives have been used and no genetically modified products have been added. Both protein powders are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and trace elements that are easily absorbed and digested by the body.

It is extremely important to know what exactly is in your protein powder if you are going to be consuming it on a regular basis. If you do not know what an ingredient is make sure you ask and enquire as many protein powders are highly acidic (particularly whey protein if it is not of a very high quality), full of articular sweeteners, flavours, colourants, additives, synthetic nutrients, vitamins and inorganic minerals that the body will find extremely difficult to process and toxic to overall health. Look for proteins that are raw where you can and that contain natural ingredients.

If you would like to try either the smoothies or the pancakes please email me for more information or follow me on Facebook ‘Good4You Nutrition’.


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