My Week On A Plate

I often get asked how I have some much time to prepare meals. Even though I do not have kids my life is still busy but a different kind of busy. It does help that I do enjoy preparing food and I am always happy to make time to prepare food, but that doesn’t mean that I have ample time to do it!

I generally do not get home until 7pm of after on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, therefore I need to be well prepared so I am not spending a large amount of time that evening or the following morning making meals.

On a Sunday I tend to spend a good hour in the kitchen preparing for the week. Often this looks likes roasting a bunch of vegetables (i.e. eggplant, zucchini, sweet potato, broccoli, capsicum and onion) and throwing together a quick salad (salad leaves, carrot, cabbage, green beans, sprouts, capsicum, cucumber etc.) whatever I have on hand from going to the markets on a Sunday generally. Then I alternate between the two for lunches and dinner while I’m time poor during the week.

I am also a fan of hard-boiling some eggs whether this be while I am winding down of a night time or first up in the morning before work. I also have tins of tuna/salmon, beans, chickpeas and lentils on hand at all times for days where I simply have had no time to cook. Otherwise I will cook up some meat/fish of choice and make double to pair with vegies or salad.

The nights I do have time to cook a meal I always make at least double as it never hurts to have a frozen meal for crazy days either.

Also a good idea to have some deli meat (i.e. turkey or leg ham) handy when time poor. Roast chickens from the deli also make life easier too, however I try not to do this too often. I eat a lot of fish and vegetarian proteins as they are super quick to prepare.

I am a fan of plant based protein powder and always have some on hand for breakfast of a morning. I often have a pancake for breakfast made on protein powder or a smoothie with some fresh fruit on almond milk. Otherwise I will fry up a few eggs in coconut oil and add some spinach and avocado.

For snacks I tend to eat:

  • Fruit with nut butter
  • Handful of nuts/seeds
  • Chia seed pudding with my protein powder
  • Homemade treat (if I had time to make something)
  • Smoothie (berries, nut milk, protein powder or nut butter)
  • Carrot/cucumber with hummus


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