Zinc – One of my favourite supplements

Winter is here! So are head colds, flu’s and many other nasty respiratory infections. One of the best supplements that you can look at taking is Zinc.

Zinc is a very important trace mineral that is essential for over 200 different enzymatic processes including; protein digestion, energy production, electron transport, RNA synthesis, bone metabolism, alcohol detoxification, and the normal absorption and action of vitamins, in particular B vitamins.

Zinc is ESSENTIAL for a healthy immune system and reproductive growth. It is great for skin health and plays a vital role in reducing acne. The healing of wounds and burns thrive on zinc along with our sense of taste.

The most common reasons people become deficient in zinc include; poor diet high in processed and refined foods, aging, during pregnancy or women taking oral contraceptives, vegetarians, athletes, hospital patients and people who suffer from poor intestinal absorption.

Mild deficiency symptoms can include: slow wound healing, acne, psoriasis, dulled sense of taste or smell, mouth ulcers, bad breath, white coating on the tongue, abnormal fatigue and mental lethargy, decreased ability to see at night and growth retardation.

Some of the best food sources of zinc are animal meats, seafood, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, leafy greens and ginger.

Zinc also happens to be super affordable!


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