Travel Friendly Food

Travelling for any reason can often be stressful to some extent and to top it off buying food is often expensive especially at airports. While plane trips often include meals, these meals are often comprised of processed foods loaded with sodium and preservatives. Ever wondered why you don’t feel the need to use the bathroom as much when you’re on long haul trips!

After spending 2 years working FIFO, flying became second nature and I learnt to take my own food with me to avoid the sluggish feeling I would get if I ate my gluten free meal provided. Even travelling overseas I tend to take a fair bit of my own food as well to reduce the amount of preservatives and sodium I am consuming. It is unlikely that you can always avoid eating prepared meals especially on long haul flights overseas, but there are other food options you can take with you to snack on in between that won’t leave you feeling sluggish and uncomfortable.

• Wholemeal crackers – add some nut butter.
• Chia seed puddings – (1 tbsp chia seeds and 1 tbsp of flavoured protein powder – just mix with approximately ½ cup of liquid about 20 minutes before you wish to eat it). Add some nuts/seeds for some crunch!
• Vegetable chips – look for brands in the health food isle or health food shops with low sodium.
• Natural protein bars – look out for brands with few ingredients and refined sugar free. Often found in health food isles or health food shops.
• Nuts and seeds – make your own trail mixes. Choose raw only not roasted or salted. Dried blueberries, goji berries or cranberries can also be added for a hint of sweetness.
• Fresh fruit – dependent on where you are travelling and the quarantine requirements.
• Home baked goodies – such as biscuits, protein bars/slices, muesli bars etc. Making them yourself you know exactly what is in them.
• DIY porridge – add 1/3 cup of wholegrain oats and 1 tbsp of flavoured protein powder to a Tupperware container. Just ask a flight attendant to provide you with some hot water to add to it. Allow to sit for a good 5 minutes and enjoy. Be creative and add in some cinnamon, coconut, cacao or any other flavourings you like as well before leaving. Can always add some nuts and seeds to serve with.

If you are very well prepared you could make yourself proper lunch and dinner meals and take a small cold bag with you on board a flight.

Remember to drink lots of water, the air-conditioning and pressurised air on a plane is very dehydrating.

By eating healthier snacks and drinking lots of water, the jet lag you experience may not be as hard to overcome either.

Happy and safe travelling 🙂

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